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The members of Madonna House are called to be a community of love and to live a life consecrated to God, characterized by the three evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience. It is essential that members and applicants of Madonna House have a clear understanding of the gravity and implication of misconduct and abuse of any kind, especially in regard to minors and the most vulnerable.

Recognizing the dignity of every person, it is our deepest desire to prevent abuse of any kind. To this end, Madonna House is committed to educating its members/applicants and fostering an environment of Christian charity. We follow the guidelines as laid out by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in their document Protecting Minors from Sexual Abuse (2018), The Policy and Procedures for the Prevention and Management of Sexual Abuse of Minors and Adults who in Law are the Equivalent of Minors of the Diocese of Pembroke, ON, (2021) and our own policy updated in 2021.

Members who are serving in various mission houses throughout the world are also subject to the policies of the particular diocese in which they are located.

At Cana Colony, our summer camp for families, all members, applicants, activity coordinators and volunteers must have a current Vulnerable Sector Check and follow the above cited Policy of the Diocese of Pembroke, ON, and the Diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct, as well as our own Cana Colony Family Camp & Volunteer Protocol.

For more information, please contact the Madonna House Training Center: or call 613-756-3713.