Thorpe Lane, Robin Hood’s Bay North Yorkshire Y022 4TQ England


Perched above the 17th century fishing village of Robin Hood’s Bay, Madonna House in North Yorkshire, England offers an immersion in a living faith community. Gospel values are rooted in this soil, trod by Celtic and Anglo-Saxon saints. With all of Madonna House, we share the life of Nazareth, learning to be at home with Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Being little and hidden, doing ordinary things with Christ at the centre, creates a communion of love in which to discover or deepen one’s faith. Nazareth is a way of “being.” We are committed to living the whole Gospel including the Cross, through loving one another, nourishing a life of prayer and doing the duty of the moment. Ordinary family life can be a school for Saints. Founded in 1985 as a pastoral centre for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Middlesbrough, this house lives “hospitality of the heart” by receiving individuals or groups, for family meals, days of recollection, questions about the Catholic faith, or a tour and a cup of tea. Visitors come to talk about the things that matter to them and to ask for prayers. All are welcome; the ecumenical dimension of our apostolate is growing. Individuals are also welcome for longer stays. This kind of visit combines solitude with family life. Work in the garden or at basic tasks provides respite from the pace of modern life. Our daily rhythm of prayer, work and “re-creation” refreshes the spirit and fosters “interior monasticism.” A visit may include an experience of  poustinia, a 24-hour period of solitude, prayer and fasting in order to encounter Christ in his Word. Committed to the renewal of Christian culture, we celebrate the liturgical cycle of Christian feasts, ordinary time and fasting. Fresh sea air, rambles, or picnics along the coast all contribute to the vitality. Eating, praying and working together, modeled on the life of Nazareth and the Holy Trinity, nurtures spiritual friendship. Join us in this ministry of hospitality and learn to become an “evangelizing presence” wherever you are. There is no charge for visiting but donations are gratefully accepted, as we live by the Providence of God. We can be reached by train and bus via Scarborough or by bus to Whitby.