5450 Trafalgar Street, Vancouver, BC V6N 1B9



Madonna House has been serving the people of Vancouver since 2002. The members of Madonna House live to form a community of love in imitation of the Holy Family by incarnating the Gospel in the ordinary. Our Nazareth way of life is shared with those who come through our blue door to experience a place of welcome, availability and friendship in Jesus Christ.

We accompany people in living the faith one-on-one or through small groups. We assist parishes as the need arises for catechetics, fellowship, and retreat talks.  We share the riches of living liturgically with our friends by inviting them to experience a variety of Catholic traditions and celebrations throughout the year.

The Holy Family Apostolate is a gathering we have with families once a month who wish to learn about Madonna House spirituality. The families apply it to nurture and strengthen Christian family life. Many also journey with us in faith formation offered monthly at a Morning of Recollection. Both of these are ecumenical in nature.

The Lord has blessed this field house with a front and back garden space where He brings people together for community events such as tea in the garden, music concerts, and a variety of liturgical and communal celebrations. Our friends can taste and see the goodness of the Lord in our garden poustinia (a prayer hermitage) available for a day of prayer and fasting.

If you are passing through our neighborhood or have moved to the Vancouver Archdiocese you are welcome for a visit!