220 C St. NE Washington, DC 20002-5718

(202) 547-0177

Being a “Prayer/Listening House,” Madonna House Washington, located on Capitol Hill, offers the opportunity for people to come and pray and fast in silence and solitude for 24 hours.  We provide the bread (homemade and healthy), water, tea and coffee for your time with the Lord in the poustinia (desert, wilderness).

Several times throughout the year, especially in Advent and Lent, we host Saturday Mornings of Reflection.  We also host festive gatherings for feasts like St Nicholas, Epiphany and Pentecost, celebrating the many gifts of the liturgical year.

Like Mary, Joseph and Jesus in Nazareth, we welcome anyone, any time of the year, who knocks at our door.  We offer an open, listening heart where they can speak of their joys and sorrows while having a cup of tea or coffee at our kitchen table.

“We offer what God, in his mercy, has given to us.”  (from the book Poustinia, by Catherine Doherty, founder of Madonna House)