Windward, Carriacou, Grenada

(473) 443-8087

Madonna House Carriacou—Our Lady of the Islands was first established in Carriacou, Greneda in the Diocese of St. George’s in 1961 at the invitation of Bishop Justin Field. Much has been undertaken and accomplished over the years….Nursing, catechetics, social work, youth work and more.

What does Madonna House do there now?

The staff continues the apostolate of pastoral works of various kinds: Church services, ministering to the sick and elderly, home visiting, Lending Library, youth, catechetics.

In Carriacou, as in all of our houses, we are guided by our Little Mandate. Our lives there especially echo the line: “Preach the Gospel with your life without compromise—Listen to the Spirit he will lead you .” It is in this way we approach and respond to the needs of all who come. In Madonna House Carriacou you will find an open heart, a listening ear and a helpful hand.