Artist Patrick Stewart, a member of Madonna House, has a passion to paint. Inspired by God and the beauty of nature, his oil paintings are filled
with the radiant light of sunrises on the rivers, lakes, and landscapes.

“The victory of beauty guides my eyes and hands as I craft often large canvases of figures and interior and exterior landscape.  Art and God are the two continuous threads that connect the days and years of my life. I started my search for God when I was 7, at 12, I began to draw.

Though I experienced much joy in my youth, I functioned in an often foggy grey interior atmosphere that had been laid over my mind and heart by childhood trauma.  Art has always served an inner function of helping me break through that murkiness into clearly lighted realities.

I let my eyes guide me along the surface of each painting to the next brush stroke.  I do not ‘know’ the precise end toward which I am traveling, but trust my eyes, the eyes of my heart, to lead me there.  Real figures and features in real lands of meaning and wonder continue to catch me and take me to each next painting.

I do not paint to sell but selling is certainly gratifying and especially so as all the proceeds from my art are donated to missions and missionaries around the world. My personal fee is the joy of painting, the joy of those who love my art, and the joy of those poor who benefit from the sale of my paintings.”

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