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The Christ Child teaches us to rest, to abide in his ever greater, divine love for us. How small we are compared to him! How miniscule our love, how puny our wisdom, how narrow our minds!

Those who pause to contemplate him, to adore him with shepherds or wise men, with Joseph and Mary, find that gradually, slowly, their horizons are shattered and new ones created, vaster, without limit, factually.

Yet all is still, calm, bright. You find your fears melting away in his presence. Your busy mind quiets down a bit. Your worries diminish.

Whatever mission he may have in mind for you recedes for a few moments and is replaced by the overwhelming sense of oneself being simply a child of the Father, cherished and cared for, no matter what happens in life.

You sense somehow that the wellspring of all renewal is right here with you, with him and from him. You have only to follow his lead while resting deep in the eternal mystery of a Child empowered to wipe the tears from every eye.

Excerpted from Restoration, December 2014