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Our wool shop*is a place where customers can buy wool and hand-crafted items made from the wool of our sheep, but it is also a place where they can find peace and love.

We do not sell peace and love; we give them away gladly.

One day, for example, a little girl and her mother came in the shop, looked around, and went out. Shortly after, they came back. The little girl was in tears. She had been reprimanded by her mother for having “stolen” a handful of carded wool. Her mother, wanting to teach her, had brought her back to return it and apologize.

I accepted their apology and, as a penance, I asked the little girl to give me a hug.

She did, and I told her I loved her. Now the mother had tears in her eyes.

*We no longer have the wool shop. Its building is now “The Small Shop,” where a variety of collectables and other items are sold.

Excerpted from an article in Restoration, May-June 2001