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Fr. Bob Wild

Who, Me? A Saint?

by Fr. Bob Wild

By November 1, 2018No Comments

Probably many people have never heard this clear gospel message: everyone (including you, dear reader) is called to be a saint.

When is the last time you heard a homily about this?

Because the canonized saints lived such heroic lives and are so exalted with feast days and statues in our churches, who of us would ever dream of desiring such a status and recognition!

But the point is, of course, that none of us is called to be St. Teresa of Avila or St. Francis of Assisi. We can learn from the canonized saints, but it’s rather depressing to think that my sanctification requires me to do what they did.

No wonder we have, for all practical purposes, a two-tier mentality about this: there are the Saints with a capital “S” and then there’s little me.

Sometimes the words “holiness” and “sanctity” sound too exalted, a goal only for certain chosen ones. Okay, then, let’s think of it in this way: the good news is that each person is called to a very great intimacy with God.

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